Trueats – Easy and Healthy food choices

Trueats is a modern baking company that offers healthier food options.  I tried the pancake and waffle mix, as well as the brownie mix  which were both:

  1. Gluten-free
  2. plant based
  3. good source of protein
  4. good source of fiber
  5. no-sugar added

I was pleasantly surprised how good both tasted.   We had the pancake mix with berries on top and they were delicious.  I personally don’t eat a lot of food with sugar so it didn’t phase me however the maple syrup and berries did sweeten the pancakes enough that I didn’t feel like they needed additional sugar.


The kids loved the brownie mix also.  Great to top with vanilla ice cream (if you want something a little sweeter) as well.

The products are also :

  1. low glycemic
  2. diabetic friendly
  3. vegan
  4. diary free
  5. soy free
  6. gmo free

We are a family that prefers diary-free since we have some issues with lactose-intolerance.   I loved that this product was diary free.

Trueats uses high quality, natural ingredients such as chickpeas, buckwheat and dal.  These ancient grains provide an incredible source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.   It’s the simple ingredients that nourish the mind, body and spirit that started the baking journey.

The website includes some fun recipes.   I especially like the bundt cakes and brownie pops.

The company believes in creating simple, nutritious and tasteful foods that nourish the human body, mind and spirit by combining ancient wisdom with modern nutrition.

The Trueats mixes are on sale for $7.95 right now and the shipping is a flat fee fo $4.99.