Personalized Chair Desk’s from Delta Children

Are you still on the lookout for an awesome gift for your child, cousin, godchild or grandchild? You just do not know what to get? We have got you covered!

Go check out Delta Children. They have an awesome line of furniture and gear for children.

We got the Personalized Chair Desk with Storage Bin, and are thrilled! This awesome little table can be labeled with any text you want. You should have seen the face of our son when he saw it! He lighted up and pointed all excited at his name. “This is Alex’s, this is Alex’s!” He danced around and we haven’t been able to convince him to sit anywhere else anymore, because this is HIS chair, his name is on it, and he loves it. It comes with a nice little storage bin underneath (right now filled with his favorite coloring book, crayons and some lego).

My husband assembled it in 10 minutes flat, and said the manual is extremely clear and the assembly went fluidly. The screws are high quality (not the kind you can only screw in once because the metal just bends) and the assembled desk feels very sturdy.

I love the slick design and the fact that it is just the right size for him (he is 4). The surface is easy to clean and it just looks great all around!

We are convinced of the quality of the products of Delta Children, and will be getting more from them! They have so much to offer, from bookcases, strollers, mattresses, boosters, outdoor playhouses, to potties and anything in between. You need anything for a child, and would like something of high quality? Delta Children has got you covered!