Trust Biologic CBD Products

How about a wonderful solution to chronic pain and aging skin that doesn’t have you popping pills?!?

Trust Biologic brings you researched products formulated with CBD that I hope you adore as much as we are.  I have been using their CBD Facial Serum (300mg CBD).  I apply under my makeup daily and already see a “glowing” difference.  It helps with fine lines, my beginner wrinkles and more!  This is a MUST try product.  My husband is a big fan of their 50/50 CBD Cream (250mg CBD, 250mg CBG).  The pretty cool combo of cannabidiol and cannabigerol is really helping with his chronic knee pain.  Side note I steal it from him when he isn’t looking because it helps with age spots and sun damaged skin.  If you suffer from irritated muscles and joints (or just perhaps for after a pretty serious gym session) you may want to try their CBD Pain Gel (10MG CBG).  This is a very convenient roll-on option that has this awesome menthol cooling ingredient.  You can easily apply throughout the day (even on the go or while traveling) to your tendons, muscles, elbows, neck, hip and more.

All of these products have amazing ingredients including vitamins and essential oils and are really well priced for the quality you are getting.  Check them out!