Twitter User Redesign Splash Mountain into Princess and the Frog

Twitter user Frederick Chambers might have solved the constant problem that is Splash Mountain.  Now let us throw politics aside for a moment. Simply put there exists a ride in Disney that they are SO embarrassed by they basically blocked the movie for a few decades. Sure it’s about the south and racism but it’s not exactly like we talk about Song of the South.  Uncle Remus the star is pretty much ignored in this ride.

Now people might get political and bring up Black Lives Matter but at the most simplistic point, you have a ride where kids go “Mommy what is this movie” and ever parent goes either:
a) No idea,

  1. b) Let’s just ignore that question.

Simply put he merges the idea with Princess and the Frog which is essentially built for it.

Look at his photos below.

He has step by step directions. On top of all this, Disney needs to take down the ride to fix it and timing-wise if there was only an event where they had to take down water rides… oh my! Global Pandemic.

Do you agree with the rebranding of Splash Mountain? Does it make perfect sense?

Is Freddy a genius?

Let us know!