My Bougie Bottle For My Home Office!

Ok now…we are in week 206 of the quarantine and my home office now looks exactly like my real office.  Literally post-its everywhere the whole package.  My accidentally left my favorite water bottle at work and haven’t been there in months (literally) so I was thrilled to have a My Bougie Bottle put in my hands this week.

This company is super green in nature.  Plastic bottles are everywhere and have a super harmful impact.  I am so happy to tell you about a company that is helping heal the environment all while keeping us hydrated in fashion.  These bottles are bold and beautiful by design and when I finally do head back to my office I am surely gonna have the coworkers envying my new bottle.  These bottles keep your water super cold for super long – I did not reload ice in the bottle and had chilled H20 pretty much all day I tell ya.

Perfect for summer is their new tropical line complete with hibiscus, macaw and flamingo prints.  The colors and artwork are bright and will surely make you smile.  They cost about $39.99 which is totally reasonable for a product that you will literally use over and over again.  Also available are super awesome lids that fit all your sippy vs no sippy top needs.

Check them out for a great summer accessory you will take everywhere with you!