Unique Belgique Waffles

I am so happy my mom handed me one of these waffles today and said “hey can you try this for me”.  I am soooo not an adventurous eater but I figured what the heck I’ll try it.  What waffles am I talking about?!? Unique Belgique!  These are imported from Belgium and super delish!  They are made with pearl sugar which is pretty much tiny round pieces of sugar that is added to the dough that gets soft but doesn’t melt during the baking process.  This means these little bits of sweetness are throughout the waffle.

You don’t need any syrup here at all – they are the perfect amount of sweet on their own.  They are the real deal; so authentic (you will think you are in Europe).  I like to stick one in the microwave for a few seconds and enjoy as an after school snack.  I am thinking that next time I will be heating one up and topping with ice cream or maybe whipped topping.  We received regular and chocolate options and both are so good!  You can buy them easily right on Amazon – so tell your moms to hop on and get them since they buy things all day on Amazon anyway!  A pack of four is about $12.