Shine Water

I have a few young athletes here in my house and as such I am always on the hunt for more hydration drinks that will give them only the good stuff.

Shine Water is a perfect option.  This wonderful bottle gives you 100% of your daily vitamin D with ZERO sugar.  They offer amazing flavor fusion, electrolytes and antioxidants.

Flavors we are loving include kiwi cucumber, strawberry lemon, pomegranate grape, mixed berry acai, coconut lime,  and peach mango.   I tried the kiwi cucumber and was in love within seconds.  It just tasted delicious and within a half hour I felt back on track in this muggy weather we are having.  The 16.9 ounce bottle is just 20 calories.  No fat and minimal (20g) of sodium.  It contains vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc and potassium.  These are a great option for after a sports game/practice, after a workout or really just any time you feel you need some hydration power.  The product is gluten free, vegan friendly and the bottle is made from BPA free plastic.  Like I said; only the good stuff and none of the worry here.

Pricing: they are easy to purchase on AMAZON for about $25 for 12 bottles.  You can subscribe and save as well which is even better!

Check them out!