Urbanista London – Great Noise Cancellation

Urbanista LondonI’ve been a fan of Urbanista headsets for quite some time. I admit that I’ve been on an active search to find headsets that could potentially replace AirPod pros. My daughter has special needs so she wanted airbuds with noise cancellations. I wanted ones that didn’t break the bank.


This is not to say that I don’t like AirPod pros, but I do like a free market and I also love finding alternatives. I would love to find earbuds which give me an alternative in terms of look and of course price.


The Urbanista London does hold up quite well against an AirPod pro in numerous categories.


In terms of look, I just like having something that is not the standard stock white and I do love the Nordic design style of the Urbanista. The stark white open AirPod pro seems to have become a norm so I do like having something different that stands out. Considering the source being my daughter, the black had a real nice advantage of blending in. So when she had them in at a large event, she didn’t seem rude at all.


In terms of sound quality, I would have to say the differences are quite negligible. I was testing them on my spouse and it really did depend on the song in terms of whether they could tell whether they had in the AirPod Pro versus the Urbanista. Some songs they would guess one and some songs the other. I actually found the bass on the Urbanista London slightly better, but like I said it was a real tossup.


The Urbanista London is lacking in wireless charging, but does have the more modern USB-C charging so that’s also a bit of a tossup.


Price wise Urbanista London is, of course, much more affordable. I found that buying them on Amazon really made it a strong financial alternative to the AirPods.


Overall, I think it is so neck and neck I would actually list it under preference at this point. Some people are Apple fans through and through and under that situation nothing will make them happy.

That’s sad, with a child with special needs and loud noises definitely setting her off,I found the Urbanista to be a brilliant solution. Her purpose isn’t that she needs the newest AirPods so much as she need something that is going to block out the noise and I need something that is not going to break the bank to do that. The Urbanista London did just that.