What is Huel?

Huel is happiness. Huel is a magical food That fills your heart with joy and fills your belly with the feeling of satisfaction that the world is a better place.


All kidding aside, Huel is a new take on meals that would appeal to the protein shake crowd as well as the crowd that loves eating oatmeal for lunch.


If you were the type of person who he’s basically eating a terrible lunch every day just to get the job done this is probably an extremely healthy and cost-effective way of handling lunch. I have quite a few friends who are used to the idea just grabbing whatever food they find from a street vendor when they’re at work.


The problem with this is twofold. Number one it is rather costly and number two it is rather unhealthy.


What Huel does differently is basically make something that feels a bit more like a meal than a protein shake. I would describe it almost like oatmeal on steroids. That leaves you the psychological feeling of having eaten a meal but is of course designed to be extremely healthy. It has all the vitamins one needs in a day plus a ridiculous amount of protein.


What makes it really addictive is that contrary to the idea of proteins shakes, Huel actually feels like you’re eating food. The consistency is of a rather hearty oatmeal and certainly taste better than most oatmeal that I’ve had. Plus, as I mentioned it is filled with vitamins.


When I first heard about Huel to be honest, I didn’t really get it but now having tried it I can see what the fuss is about. It is very easy, quick and if I’m finding that I am basically eating something to get through the moment this is a perfect meal replacement. And with its texture it feels much more filling than just a protein shake.