Urbanista Stockholm Plus Review

Urbanista Stockholm PlusThe Urbanista Stockholm Plus are an extremely good wireless buds model to consider, comparing them to the Airpods.

Now, price-wise you’ll see they’re a bit cheaper.  So at the time of the writing it’s $69 versus $109 for the Airpods.  In fact, for Black Friday, there’s an additional 25% off coupon.

The sound quality is really incredible. The pros are it really carries the bass, and in fact with some songs I found it to sound better.  It doesn’t have noise cancellation technology and you can slightly hear the music if you stand next to somebody

Airpods have a now standard look, but I actually found the look of these to be much more sleek.  It might be the jet black look and the straight design but I found them to look much better.  Also with the black, they seemed to blend quite nicely and not come across as so stark bright like the Airpods.

The sound quality with phone calls was quite good and I found no major differences.

I actually loved the battery here. Both that it charged with USB-C which is now becoming the industry standard. But it held at least five full charges which really leaves you for a full day of listening.

Overall, I found these to be a VERY strong contender compared to the Airpods.   Given the price point especially  if I had to choose, I would choose these. But that could just be my personal opinion.  When you’re weighting all of the positives and negatives I found these to hold up quite well with an overall comparison.