Top Disney Black Friday Deals on Amazon

I usually head to the Disney Store for Disney deals, but switching to Amazon I found some deals which really were a bit insane. Some of them were over 90% off which feels like it’s such a bargain I might have to buy it even if I don’t need it.

Then again, isn’t that what Black Friday is for?



1. I feel like this is just adorable for any new mom. They might not need it now, but Disney is on sale at Amazon so they’ll get it now.





2. This toy feels like a classic to me. I have no idea why but I feel like every Disney household has one of these below.








3. I love the villains, and didn’t Maleficent teach us that there really aren’t villains but just people.











4. This book is so cheap I bought it and I have no idea why I did.











5. Who doesn’t need a classic Mickey watch! Well I bought one so I don’t need one any more!










6. This is gorgeous, fun and a fun activity. I’m done.










7. What’s better than Mickey waffles? Nothing!









Did you buy any of the stuff on our list? Are you interested in more Disney fun? Who doesn’t love Disney specials on Amazon! Okay, now I’m exhausted!