Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Show some love to that special man in your life with these cool and creative Valentine’s Day gifts!

image of Phoenix 200 portable power station for Valentines Day Gifts Man


Power your passion this Valentine’s Day! Renogy Phoenix 200 is ready to power your off-grid adventures. The Phoenix 200’s handle features built-in powerful LED lights on either side with four different modes to handle a variety of situations. It’s great to have a power station in the car or when you’re doing an outdoor activity. It’s easy to charge. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind during blackouts.

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Creative Sensemore Air

Whether you want to hear your significant other clearer or block them out, these headphones will do the trick. All kidding aside, these new headphones are super cool. The Creative Sensemore Air in-ear headphones are wireless, light, and small, and designed with a compact clamshell-shaped charging case for your travels. They actually are designed to improve hearing. The innovative Sensemore technology boosts vocals and amplifies sound waves, ensuring that each and every sound can be heard louder.  No more missing out on the conversation.  If the surrounding noise gets loud, you can turn on the active noise cancellation mode to block all distractions. You can listen to your favorite music.  It sounds great with the mesmerizing acoustics performance. You can also use voice or tap control for commands with the creative app. Exercise with comfort as the headphones are also sweatproof. Great gift overall.

image of iTouch Air 3 in box for Valentines Day Gifts Man

iTouch 3 Smartwatch Wearables

Spread the love by giving the iTouch Air 3  as a gift to your active partner or partner looking to start being active. It’s great for keeping you on top of your health and reaching your fitness goals. The iTouch Air 3 continuously monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day. It reminds you to hydrate and suggests breathing exercises when appropriate. It tracks activities including running, elliptical training, cycling, and hiking, and its multi-sports mode is designed for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. The iTouch Air 3 model features an extended battery life and a power-saving mode.

image 67162113

Car and Driver Portable Digital Inflator

This is a really handy gadget.  The Car and Driver portable digital inflator is great for emergencies and perfect to carry in the car. You’lI love the adjustment mode – once you set the tire pressure it automatically shuts off.  It takes about two and a half hours to fully charge from a dead battery. It also has an ultra-bright flashlight. The 4 nozzles are good to use for air mattresses, balls, flat tires, or inflatables.  It’s a powerful pump that does the job well and makes your life much easier.

…and the top cologne gifts to consider for your man this Valentine’s Day


image 67183361

GUESS UOMO 3.4 oz Cologne

The Guess Uomo cologne combines earthy cardamom and sage together with sensual amber and dark wood for a striking scent that smells very sexy. It’s not too overpowering. It comes in an eau de toilette 3.4-ounce size. Your man is sure to love it!

image of box of ManKind Rise eau de toilette spray for Valentines Day Gifts Man

ManKind Rise by Kenneth Cole  3.4 oz Cologne

A gift for the man who has his usual cologne preference and is very skeptical about trying new scents. The amber woody scent with hints of ginger, eucalyptus, and sandalwood, is classic and not overbearing. One spray lasts all day long. It comes in a nice package and bottle. It would make a great gift for your Valentine.

This gift is ideal for the sailing enthusiast or the lover of water. The bottle is designed to resemble an anchor and is a cool blue like the color of the Aegean sea. The scent is refreshing and invigorating. It has a long-lasting scent of citrus and cedar notes.

image 50413313

Adidas Eau De Toilette Spray

Last but not least, Adidas Eau De Toilette Spray is for the Sporty and Active Man in your life. The prices are very reasonable. All have long-lasting scents and vegan formulas.

  1. Adidas Pure Game – with natural lemon and pine essential oil.  
  2. Adidas Team Force – with natural orange and patchouli essential oil.
  3. Adidas Ice Dive – with natural peppermint and grapefruit essential oil.  
  4. Adidas Dynamic Pulse – with natural rosemary and lemon essential oil. 
  5. Adidas Victory League – with natural Cardamom and Mandarine essential oil.


Spoil your man this Valentine’s Day with gifts that he would appreciate!

Happy Valentine’s Day!