Who Is? The Game for Couples to Find Out Who’s Who – The Couples Company

image of card game Who Is? in its box

How well do you think you know your partner? Play a fun, interactive card game with your significant other or a group of couples called “Who Is?”

Can you agree on things?   Or, do you debate over everything? Have some laughs, challenge your partner and discover new and interesting things.

How to play individually?

  • make a bet to see who would win
  • each partner draws 15 cards
  • the youngest player goes first
  • read the card aloud
  • the opposing partner decides who it best describes  in the relationship
  • if the couple agrees on the answer – the answering partner wins the card and earns points
  • repeat the process while alternating who is reading the cards
  • the partner with the most points wins the game

How to play with several couples?

  • decide which couple knows each other best
  • each couple answers 5 cards that are read to them
  • each partner has a ME and a YOU card to answer the questions read to them
  • If the couples both answer the same then they get a point
  • the first couple to get 25 points are crowned relationship royalty of the night

If you’re looking for a fun card game for game night, date night, or a game to play with other couple friends, check out “Who Is?”

Also makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or a bridal shower.