Vegamour CBD Hair Products

If you are experiencing hair thinning and are looking for a subtle and really quality product look no further then VEGAMOUR.  They offer these wonderful GRO+ products that bring CBD/hemp benefits to your hair needs.

GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum ($68) is safe for everyday use and will have your hair looking fuller in 90 days.  It has this awesome bergamot scent by the way.  CBD is able to penetrate the dermis and reach hair follicles at the root level.  You will gain density, volume, thickness and strength.  No chemicals or toxic ingredients.

GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam ($68) has the texture of mousse and works great on your towel dried hair.  Gain, safe for everyday use and no toxic chemicals or side effects.  it will help get your hair growth cycle in check and reduce hair shedding.  Same awesome bergamot scent.

GRO+ Advanced Gummies ($68):  These are a wonderful hair vitamin that feature hemp oil, biotin, folic acid, zinc and more.  This is chewable power for thicker and fuller hair.  These are 100% Vegan, non-psychoactive and contain 10 mg CBD and CBG per gummy.  Thirty day supply per bottle.  These are must!

Check these great products out!