Veggie Chip Ghost + Bats

I have talked about these great veggie snacks before but just in time for Halloween are the wonderful Garden Veggie Chips in adorable Ghost + Bats shapes.  You can give guilt free options out to all the adorable trick or treaters you get this year!

Sensible Portions is all about bringing wholesome snacks that you don’t have to compromise on taste with.  I personally enjoy their veggie straws at work pretty much everyday.  That “have to snack” craving is immediately satisfied by the perfect combination of veggies and sea salt to get me through that second half of the workday.  They have non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, certified kosher, cholesterol free and organic options by the way.

The Ghosts + Bats are a cute version of their chips.  These contain potato flour, canola/sunflower oil, salt, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated tomato, beetroot powder, tumeric, sea salt and a little bit of cane sugar.  Really delicious!  You can grab the Ghosts + Bats right online at Amazon and literally have them this week so you will be all ready for the big spooky day.  They really are adorable!  I also want to mention that Walmart and Target carries the Halloween options but my local supermarket carries the main product line all year long!

Check them out!