SWASH 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat Review

While doing this story about the SWASH 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat, I struggled to figure out the angle to take. We all seem to have a vague notion of what a big day is and can probably extrapolate everyone says they have a good or bad day without them first. But, I don’t feel that is helpful in any way to making a decision.

I’m going to take a different tact in this review. This summer, I traveled from a small airport in Vermont to another small airport located two-hours over the mountains to the east. I was on a four-seater plane and in this plane basically almost completely traumatized me to air travel. Keep in mind, I have traveled literally on probably over 100 flights, and being on this four-person plane, in particular, made me feel that air travel was the craziest and most dangerous form of travel. Not because the plane was particularly dangerous, but comparing that four-seater plane to a real plane was not a safe comparison.

Keep that story in mind, and that is basically going to be the takeaway on this bidet. I have not seen many days in my life, but my assumption is comparing this bidet to a $35 bidet that you get on Amazon it’s pretty much like comparing an Orville Wright plane to a full-size Boeing.

We will start off with the installation of the SWASH 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat. They have a support line, and not only that, they will call you and talk you through it. They were pretty quick at responding to any photos I sent over. They had tutorials on the site, and while installing, it felt rather intimidating, but in a few minutes, I finally understood the process and was relatively up to speed.

How did we like the SWASH 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat?

I have included a photo of this remote control as the features are completely amazing. It lights up, and it heats up. It has user settings for two different users and is completely adjustable. I cannot think of any other features to add.

It is an insane monster of a unit, and I really could not envision any other features it does not have. This feels like when the statements you say just to make an open compliment people but honestly, what the hell else do you want your body to do? This basically does it all.

There’s something mind-blowing about an experience from one has to have a learning curve and going to the bathroom. I’m not saying a learning curve in a bad way, but one has to learn and adjust to the temperature in their liking it is a different experience.


This is such an amazing product I found myself running around screaming to my wife, “do you have to use the bathroom yet? You got to try this!”  I read the manual and was excited to try every crazy feature it has.

The Brondell Swash 1400 is not a bidet to mess around with and will change your bathroom habits forever.

Check it out on Amazon.com