Ventev Accessories

I’ve gotten in quite a few conversations with my fiancée on the fact that cell phones aren’t merely the cost of the cell phone. With every cell phone I’ve bought I’ve had to also buy the cases, the charges, the cords, the car chargers etc. On top of that, I find that she seems to love to plug the cord in such a manner that it bends at the charging side and eventually frays. A little duct tape doesn’t seem to do the job though.

Ventev sells quite a few charging options but what I like most on their cords is the length. Seriously, the cords that come with the phone barely make it from the wall to my dresser. They have nice 6-foot cords and they are also really sturdy too. I bent them a few times and didn’t seem to see the fracturing effect of regular cords.

They also have a USB charging hub and car chargers that are made the same sturdy way. Honestly, I’d rather have a plug that’s made sturdy and will actually last the life of the phone than one of those generic ones I’ll throw away.

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