VW Camper Van Tent

Vintage meets imaginative play for your little one’s this holiday season with Monster Factory’s 1965 VW Camper Van Tent.  This looks like the real deal and was so easy to set up.  My kids were having fun within minutes and soaking up the last of the warm, fall air this past weekend.  You can assemble this “pop up” style tent indoors or outdoors making it versatile as well as great for rainy and/or snowy days.  The tent comes in red, blue, pink or yellow and retails for $59.95.  Having trouble closing it up after a day of play? Having a snag with the initial set up? Simply visit http://www.themonsterfactoryusa.com/vw-camper-van-play-tent-blue.html for super informative videos that expertly outline the entire process.  The tent comes complete with an adorable “tire” bag and folds up inside for minimal storage space.  This is a dream come true in my home; I adore a toy that can be easily put away after play and that doesn’t take up all my closet space.  I am already dreaming of the warmer weather when we can take our VW Camper Tent to the beach to enjoy!  I forgot to mention the tent is fire retardant, waterproof as well as being UV friendly.

vw camper tent

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