VersaWand Body Massager – Review

How about taking care of you for a change? After all your hard work and stress to prepare and provide your family with the “perfect holiday experience” you are probably left feeling tire/sore and exhausted.  VersaWand ($269.00) comes with a really impressive set of six attachments that all target specific joins and muscles.  This is the perfect tool for rejuvenation and relaxation I tell ya!

After the first time we tried the product out, my husband said his neck and shoulders were so much less tense and that he could get more done during the day as the fatigue he suffers from faded away.  You literally get everything you will need in one easy to take with you travel case.  It also has a convenient USB charging cable so you never have to worry about the massager not being ready for you when you need it.  This is vibration therapy in the comfort of your home!  It features 3 different power levels, six attachments for everything that ails you and a ninety degree rotating arm – hubby said it gets into all the “hard to reach” places.  We started with the large, round head to get his lower back in check.  I love the bullet head for the tense spots in my neck area.  The U-shape is perfect for your back/spine.  Use the mushroom head for tender/sensitive spots and the shovel head really for anywhere on your body.  Can you believe how many ways you can use this?? We just tried the flat head on his legs and it really did the trick.

The battery charge will last up to 240 minutes on full charge.  This is a great gift or even just a must have in your home.  You can use after a workout or just whenever you need a little vibration therapy.  Check it out!