Last Minute Holiday Shopping at Staples with Delivery

Christmas is basically around the corner, and now the problem is I need things in the door for the holidays now. I’m not talking in two days, but a timing of now NOW.  Not later now, or two days now, but now now.


Time is basically of the essence, and with the rise of Covid Omicron, I have no intentions whatsoever of leaving my house. At times my other concern is now really does mean now because occasionally, I need to present at that basic moment in time as opposed to even being able to wait a few days for Amazon.


Well, I have not thought of it all is how many presents Staples does have, specifically for dads. In our lovely photo, you will see a wonderful backdrop of the monthly calendar, which is just a nice way of keeping dads desk clean and also giving him a place to write and doodle during calls when he’s basically not even paying attention to the call anyway.


Even more interesting I find though is the happy little circular device in the photo. That’s an Amazon Echo Dot which is wonderful for his desk because it gives him the chance to scream out random commands at Alexa to make calculations on the fly. You could imagine my joy as I hear my husband screaming, “Amazon Alexa, whatever your name is, please tell me what 423,218÷7 is “


Make no mistake, this is a present for me and not him. He is such a fool with it; it just makes me happy hearing him scream and lose his mind.  I don’t have to hear him complain. Now he has a friend in Alexa.


When he’s not randomly screaming at Alexa, he is staring at the screen hence the Gry Mattr Crystal Clear Computer Glasses helping him to reduce the glare on his eyes.

So basically, I set up his entire desk in no time flat.


But what was really amazing about all this is I can get them in my house within hours, jumping on Instacart and getting a delivery from Staples. Talk about last minute. Literally, I can get these within 1 to 3 hours from the moment of ordering. I will not deny that I originally thought of Staples as just office equipment and nothing more.


But if you could imagine my joy of hearing my husband get an argument with Alexa, I got to have the joy within two hours of sitting at my desk. No arguments, no fighting. Two hours later, there’s a present at my door from a combination of Instacart and Staples. When we are talking about the last minute, this is really last minute.