Vim & Vigr Compression Legwear

Time to put the flip-flops away; it is always hard but now we have to move on to sweaters, socks and boots.  It was the perfect time to give the compression leg wear from Vim & Vigr a try.  The company actually partnered with vascular doctors and vein specialists to bring us a product that increases circulation, reduces swelling and spider veins and alleviates our leg aches.  I do not need an excuse to boost any part of my body so I was thrilled to give them a try.  I wore their women’s nylon knee-high this week and instantly noticed a difference.  So many of my socks leave marks at the end of the day and actually make my legs sweat.  These have an amazingly comfortable fit, plenty of toe room (how many times do the tips of your toes ache during your busy workday) and the moisture-wick nylon truly makes sweating and tightness symptoms of the past.  They are perfect for all day wear and expertly contoured to fit the shape of your leg.  I now have the extra energy to complete all the after work and school tasks that come my way!  Please do your legs a favor and visit  They have a great new line of colors and styles and prices range from around $25-40 (depending on sleeves, cotton, nylon, wool, moisture wick or tights).

vim vigr 1 vim vigr 2


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