Busha Browne’s Sauces & Seasonings

My family enjoys a roast or a chop with a “kick” so trying out the wonderful sauce’s and seasonings from Busha Browne’s was a great experience!  We spent a few week’s trying out various sauces on different kinds of meats and we loved each  and every one.  These come from traditional Jamaican recipes and have some rich history within every bottle.  “Spicy Jerk Sauce” is perfect for our grilled shrimp; we marinated them for a few hours, grilled them up and tossed them into a healthy salad.  Such amazing hints of spice, mangoes and raisins.  Next up we put the “Jerk Seasoning” to the test on a loin of pork.  This rub has a truly authentic taste and the aroma coming from the oven had us hovering by the kitchen for two hours!  “Jamaican Jerk Honey Barbeque Sauce” is a must to have on hand at all times for poultry, salmon, sausage or even beef; super versatile for any dish really and an amazing blend of sweet meets spicy.  We are always happy whether we marinated pork chops or chicken parts.

There are so many other great Busha Browne products; sauces, jellies, chutney, jerk sauces and hot sauces for every meal and every palate.  Please visit http://www.bushabrowne.com for more information and to purchase for your home or check out their gift collections!

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