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My daughter is going to be a writer one day I am sure of it.  She loves to make up stories, poems etc and jots them down to share with her friends.  I truly think its adorable and she goes through notebook after notebook and me being the “hoarder” I am keeps every last page.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to sample creative journals from Waff that inspire creativity both on the page and on the cover!  They are super soft silicone covered stationary pages that come with adorable and brightly covered cubes that feature colors, letters, numbers and now even emojis!  You can make words “scrabble style” in addition to doing math problems even put your story right on the cover of the book!  Think about the possibilities for children with sensory needs!  Sky is the limit here!  My child absolutely loves the book!  She was instantly ready to create and I was thrilled to hand her a great quality product that took her away from tablets and gaming!  Our Waff Combo Kit came with a 190 page journal, color cubes, alphabet cubes and 2 clips and retails for around $27.00.  You can also purchase the notebooks alone for around $25.00, writing pads for around $12.00 and all the clips for around $4.00.  So many color choices so boys and girls will be more than happy!  All sizes available for all kinds of writing needs; I absolutely love the opportunity to try out this totally amazing product!  Please visit http://waffstore.myshopify.com/.

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