The Giraffe

Ladies: we have it tough.  Shaving, waxing, highlighting, etc; we are always doing something to make ourselves look and feel better while the men just get dressed and go.  Who wouldn’t want a product that made part of the “primping” process better?!?  I am giving The Giraffe; a super cool razor extension handle a try this week and while I never imagined myself taking such a short cut I am thrilled with the ease of showering now!  If you are limited in mobility and flexibility (pregnant, arthritis, small showers, travel, post-operative care) you will simply love this!  You basically pick the enclosed attachment that best fits your size razor and lock it into place.  The handle will extend your reach up to 20 inches in length and you are on your way to safe and simple shave!  The cool part is that this product is compatible with so many brands of razors so odds are what you have at home will work just fine with this.  Please go and visit

for more information and to make a purchase.   The Giraffe retails for around $30.00.  Consider this as your next go-to gift item!

giraffe razor handle


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