What exactly is Ghee?

My boss asked me to do a story on ghee, and asked me to check out Clarified Living ghee.  They are a Texas-based company which makes ghee which is direct to consumer and you can order online


When it comes to ghee I am really left with so many questions.


What is ghee?


Ghee is different from clarified butter and it’s basically a healthier version of butter. Some people think of it as a super food and great for keto and Paleo.


Is ghee butter?

Well sorta. It’s a type of clarified butter but I would not consider it as butter as it’s an entirely different taste. What’s cool about this Clarified Living is that it has various flavors like even jalapeno.

Is ghee healthier than butter?

This has become a matter of debate but most reports say that ghee has a higher concentration of healthier fats than butter. Or so my research has found.

How long has ghee been around?

It originated in India, and now ghee is becoming more and more popular around the world.

How did you like Clarified Living ghee?

I loved the different flavors, but was sad that I wanted more! Super easy to cook with and it really adds another dimension than just butter.