Walden Farms Dressings

With all the barbecues and fun outdoor parties we are in store for this summer, who wouldn’t want an all natural option.  Who wouldn’t want options that taste delicous and have no calories or carbs?!?  Is that even a thing????  Umm….according to the yummy bottles I was sent this month to try out.. the answer is yes.

Walden Farms will bring you amazing dressings and vinaigrette’s that once you try you will never buy another brand again.  I started with their raspberry vinaigrette on my summer salad.  This is free of fat, calories, dairy, cholesterol, gluten and sugar.  It is friendly to Kosher, Vegan and Keto.  I mean in theory…it is everyone’s salad dressing.  Tastes delicious.  Next up we used their ranch dressing as a convenient dip for cut up fresh vegetables.  This dressing is as free and friendly as the raspberry.  The taste is amazing and that is probably because of the organic white vinegar they use in their recipe.  Think chipotle ranch for tacos, fish and wings as well for those who adore a kick like this girl!  One more cool thing I did this week was incorporate their thousand island dressing on my turkey wrap for lunch at the office.  This is top notch; quite honestly my favorite thousand island dressing ever and I’ve sampled many.   They have other great options available too and each bottle is super affordable at about $5 each.

Walden Farms offers other great condiments/sauces/spreads for just about anything you may need.  You have to check them out!  These are simple, natural, organic ingredients that in combination are simply the best!

Go grab some!