What is Monti Trentini Cheese?

Monti Trentini Cheese
Monti Trentini Cheese

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to regale you with a delightful tale of Monti Trentini Cheese – a story that spans four generations of cheesemakers, rooted in a land where happiness takes on myriad shapes and flavors. This is a tale of family, respect for the territory, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

A Century-Long Journey

A century-long story doesn’t happen by chance. Monti Trentini’s journey began with a small dairy, and it has evolved into a modern industry fueled by a mountain of innovations. Guided by strong values of family, respect for the territory, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Monti Trentini has crafted a unique dairy experience that brings happiness to your table.

A Symphony of Happiness

At Monti Trentini, happiness has many shapes, and they bring them all to your table. From the pastures of Trentino’s mountains, the Asiago plateau, to the Veneto rangeland, Monti Trentini sources its milk only from the neighborhood. These are the Dolomites’ shades where cows graze contentedly, ensuring the best milk for their cheeses.

The Homegrown Journey

The supply chain at Monti Trentini is a testament to their dedication to quality. With more than 50 cheeses and over 300 references, there’s one common key factor: they do everything at home. Milk processing, cheese making, aging, and packaging take place exclusively in their own plants.

A Legacy of Cheese

Monti Trentini is a family-owned company based in the Trentino region of Italy, boasting four generations of skilled cheesemakers. What sets Monti Trentini cheese apart is that every step of the cheese production occurs in the majestic mountains. These mountain cheeses are made from the milk of mountain-grazing cows in the Dolomites Mountains, imparting unique fragrances of herbs and a distinctive yellow color. Every Monti Trentini cheese is lovingly made using local Italian milk.

Discovering the Cheese

Now, let’s delve into some of the delightful offerings from Monti Trentini:

Lagorai: Hailing from the Lagorai Mountain region of the Dolomites, this cheese exudes the subtle aromas of herbs and mountain flowers, delivering a mild and pleasant taste. Aged for at least 40 days, it is produced with full-fat milk.

Mountain Herbs Caciotta: This cheese graces the palate with a fresh and pleasant taste of aromatic mountain herbs. It’s a semi-sweet cheese that pairs wonderfully with sparkling wines.

Imbriago Drunken Cheese: An aromatic cheese with a robust taste, achieved through a long soaking process in Merlot Red Wine.

Red Chili Flakes Caciotta: This fresh cheese boasts a distinct taste of red chili peppers from Southern Italy. Its pale yellow rind is adorned with scattered pieces of red chili peppers.

So, what is Monti Trentini Cheese? It’s a legacy of happiness, a century-old journey, and a commitment to quality that brings you unique and delectable flavors. Embark on your cheese adventure and experience the joy it brings to your table.

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