Tequila CAZADORES – Try the Coffee One!


Tequila CAZADORES! Searching for a gift that’ll tickle the taste buds of tequila aficionados in your life? Look no further. Tequila CAZADORES Añejo Cristalino, Extra Añejo, and Café are the ultimate additions to any well-curated bar cart!

Let’s dive into the unique world of Tequila CAZADORES. First, there’s the Añejo Cristalino, a one-of-a-kind tequila crafted through a meticulous filtration process. The result? An exceptionally smooth Cristalino tequila with hints of mellow wood and green apple. This premium tequila is aged in New American oak barrels for a full year before being expertly filtered to remove its color, while retaining the rich sensory qualities of an añejo tequila.

Next up, the Tequila CAZADORES Extra Añejo, a tequila that spends at least three years aging in virgin American oak barrels. The result is a tequila bursting with deep flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, roasted apple, and dried fruits. The warmth of Mexico shines through, with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, making it the perfect companion for the holiday season.

For those with a penchant for distinctive flavors, there’s Tequila CAZADORES Café. This delightful blend marries the richly roasted coffee with award-winning 100% Agave CAZADORES Blanco tequila and agave nectar. The result is a harmony of vanilla and chocolate notes, offering a unique twist on the espresso martini or a delightful sipping shot, either neat or over ice.

These versatile tequilas are not just for sipping; they’re perfect for crafting holiday cocktails like the High Roller Margarita or the Tequila CAZADORES Espresso Martini. So, elevate your holiday gatherings with the delightful essence of Tequila CAZADORES.

A Legacy of Passion and Dedication

The Tequila CAZADORES story begins with a visionary in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, who spent years perfecting a tequila recipe for friends and family. This secret recipe was handed down through generations. In the 1970s, his grandson continued this legacy by establishing a distillery to share the tequila with a broader audience. The name “Cazadores,” meaning “The Hunters,” was chosen to honor the journey and the majestic stags that roam the agave fields. These stags symbolize the years the original visionary spent in search of the perfect tequila recipe.

The stag, embodying knowledge, wisdom, and confidence, represents the spirit of the people and culture behind Tequila CAZADORES. Tales of its adventurous spirit and proud character are passed down through generations, making it a symbol of folklore as well as a symbol of the land. The entire Cazadores community, from the jimador farmers to the taquerías, works together to infuse every drop with pride and energy.

Today, the passion of one family from Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico, continues to be carried forward by the entire Cazadores community, celebrating 100 years of exacting craftsmanship and the vision of one hard-working man.

A Process Rooted in Tradition and Sustainability

Tequila CAZADORES adheres to one fundamental principle: 100% pure Blue Weber Agave, with no additives. Their original secret recipe from 1922 remains unchanged, brought to life through a modern and sustainable production process with zero waste. Their agave not only creates their tequila but powers their distillery, minimizing their carbon footprint.

The seven-step distillation process begins with the harvesting of agave piñas aged six to eight years. Unique to CAZADORES is the 24-step diffusion process, extracting 99% of raw agave juice without prior cooking. The yeast and water particles are soothed with the sounds of Mozart during fermentation, believed to create a better-tasting tequila. The result is an unrivaled, award-winning tequila that tastes just as it did a century ago.

Tequila CAZADORES offers a rich and wonderfully smooth journey into the heart of Mexico. With a commitment to tradition and a sustainable approach, they’ve been crafting tequila their way for a century and will continue to do so in the highlands. Raise a glass and savor the taste of a legacy with Tequila CAZADORES!

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