What is TopHatter?

What is TopHatter

When I first heard of TopHatter, it was described as an auction site which is completely valid but doesn’t really paint the complete picture.


Yes, it’s an auction site that has auctions running every 90 seconds. These auctions are all located on the site itself and not by individuals. Generally speaking, they are completely strange and weird objects like you see in the photo. But the punchline of our story is, that’s what makes it awesome.


The second feature is that it has games and incentives constantly. For example, every time you bid, you have a chance to spin a wheel and get more points. These points entitle you to buy a raffle ticket, for example, to get some free credits.


And it’s a combination of these two elements that make it ridiculously fun. Did I need four baby Yoda‘s? Well, yes, but my husband says I don’t, so that’s a debate. But I didn’t need the antique coin, you say. Well, I feel like I did need the USBs, and I actually did need that camera.


But this bidding on things that I didn’t necessarily need, but wanted is what made it so much ridiculous fun. They were literally items going up at one dollar and free shipping. The more that I bid, the more I found I was addicted to the game, and with the insanity of the products, the more addicted I became.


You’re not going on TopHatter to win the next viral thing in your life. Although sometimes, that might or might not be the case. We’re going on the site to enjoy an auction and to enjoy the fun and have a ridiculous good time.  Where else can you win half a dozen items for a few bucks?


This combination between the auction to the games is what makes it a completely riveting and ridiculous experience.