Sweet Chaos Popcorn

Sweet ChaosPopcorn is one of my go-to healthy snacks, and Sweet Chaos makes very original popcorn combinations that taste amazing using natural ingredients.  I usually do not buy popcorn snacks because it is so easy to pop fresh popcorn at home. Sweet Chaos snacks would take a lot of effort to replicate!


Let’s start with the basics- the kernels are non-GMO, and hand popped in coconut oil. This is already more than I would do. Their Movie Theater Butter Popcorn tastes like the real deal because it is made with real butter and sea salt. We opened up a bag for our family movie night, and it was fought over and devoured in less than 15 minutes. The traditional Kettle Corn is not too sweet and a touch salty, which was great because I usually find kettle corn too sweet. Another family favorite is the Honey Chipotle Popcorn. If you need a wake-up call, skip the coffee and try the Jalapeno Blue Cheese flavor. My personal favorite is the White Cheddar because I love all things cheese.


On to the chaos! Say yes to Chaos Mix cheddar cheese and caramel. I was skeptical at first, but it is delicious. The Drizzled Popcorn is crazy addicting. Sweet Chaos makes concoctions such as Cake Batter, Black and White, and Peanut Butter Cup popcorn. These varieties start with kettle corn and add yummy goodness like black and white chocolate or dark chocolate and peanut butter drizzles. There is zero chance then you’ll ever find me making either drizzle. Sweet Chaos has perfected the salty and sweet balance, and I do not deny myself.


So, in summary, this is pretty damn good popcorn that I couldn’t be bothered making myself, especially all the wonderful flavor combinations!