Who Are Allie and Noah?

Noah and Allie
Noah and Allie

Allie and Noah are a married couple who have become quite popular on TikTok due to their entertaining and lighthearted content. Their videos often feature playful pranks and antics, which have helped to cultivate a sense of community with their followers.

When asked about how they got started on TikTok, Allie shared, “One day I did a random video on Noah to get one of his many different yet funny reactions and then we woke up one morning and the video had blown up on TikTok and it was then that we decided that we should continue with videos and be content creators.”


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Their content has resonated with many people on TikTok, and when asked why they think this is the case, they responded, “TikTok is more of an open platform with more people that you can engage with and we find that the community understands the purpose of our videos and the message we are trying to send out.”

Allie is the driving force behind the content on their TikTok page, as she does all of the editing and comes up with the prank ideas. She explained, “Noah is more like the funny person who can make people laugh uncontrollably. We’re a great team!”

One of the things that sets their content apart from other social media influencers is their ability to create a sense of lightheartedness and joy in their videos. When asked about this, they said, “Our content stands out because of how we engage with the community; we always try to make our videos enjoyable and, most importantly, relatable for all ages so that no matter how hard life is or what stage of life you may be going through our videos are sure to help give you a laugh and find peace in your life.”


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Although they have a strong presence on TikTok, they are also working on building their following on other platforms. Allie shared, “TikTok was and still is the number one rated entertainment app out right now and we felt we could engage with others a lot more than we could with Instagram. We want to cultivate that family-type feeling with followers with our videos on all platforms, so we are still working on our Instagram and engaging with that community as well!”

Allie and Noah have become beloved content creators on TikTok due to their ability to create a sense of community and lightheartedness in their videos. With an engagement rate of 15%, it’s clear that their followers appreciate their unique brand of humor and playfulness.

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