Who is Kim Gravel?

Kim Gravel
Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is a force to be reckoned with. She’s an entrepreneur, public speaker, industry leader, and television personality, but her true passion is seeing people rise. Her authentic, common-sense style has won her fans worldwide and has made her one of the most sought-after guests on The Steve Harvey Show.

Kim is also a certified life coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant. Her expertise in communication and leadership has led her to speak to corporations and the Japanese parliament as a US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan.

In 2016, Kim partnered with QVC, a television and online retail giant, to launch her highly successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel®. A year later, she launched Belle Beauty®, a cosmetic line that complements her fashion line perfectly.

Kim is a sought-after keynote speaker and hosts her own sold-out women’s conferences annually in Atlanta. She specializes in women’s empowerment, inspirational motivation, and beauty and image perception. Her compassionate yet straightforward approach makes her a popular life coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant.

Kim lives in metro Atlanta with her husband, Travis, and their two young boys, Beau and Blanton. She’s an inspiration to many, but she admits that she’s not confident all the time. In fact, she believes that collecting confidence is a daily practice that everyone should adopt.

In our recent interview, Kim shared that staying connected to her calling helps her navigate the ups and downs of life.  She also revealed that she stays confident by reminding herself of her uniqueness and purpose, and pivoting her perception.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, Kim admits that balancing everything is challenging. She’s busier than a one-arm paper-hanger about 90 percent of the time, but she tries to steal quality moments with her boys whenever possible. She believes that parenting isn’t just about what you say or do but who you are.

MS: What makes a QVC fan different than a typical social media fan?

KG: In my opinion, there is really no difference. Both QVC and social media fans are happy to engage and connect with you, just as long as you’re authentic. That’s the key. If you stay true to yourself and don’t dim your light, people will respond.

MS: Your career trajectory has been amazing! You’ve had quite a few turn arounds, from both the pageant and in your marriage. What do you say to yourself to keep motivated and inspired?

KG: I think it’s important to remember that everyone experiences highs and lows. In fact, I would say I’ve never met a successful person who didn’t experience some massive challenges in their life. The way I’ve navigated through the ups and downs of life has been to continually stay connected to my calling. In fact, I make it a daily practice to stay real and remember my why. The more I stay true to myself and my calling, the more grounded I am. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s also worth it.

MS: Your book is called Collecting Confidence. Are you confident all the time?

KG: Goodness no. Are you kidding? Just writing the answers to these questions gave me a crisis of confidence. The difference is I make it a daily practice to collect confidence. For instance, some of the exercises I do that help me exercise my confidence muscle include being able to admit my weaknesses (and there are many), being afraid and doing it anyway, and failing but getting back again. So when I have those moments of losing my confidence, it doesn’t last that long.

MS: When you are not feeling confident, what do you do to change that state of mind?

KG: I remember who I am and pivot. I start by reminding myself of the times when I was confident. I speak truth to myself. There is only one of me.