Kayleigh-May Silk Scrunchies with Beautiful Style

image of Kayleigh-May scrunchies with a hairbrush, roses, and a Kayleigh-May bag for the scrunchies

Kayleigh-May scrunchies are the most beautiful scrunchies I have ever seen.

What’s special about these scrunchies?

These are Mulberry Silk designer scrunchies. Absolutely perfect to wear every day or for that special occasion.

Why Kaleigh-May?

Kaleigh-May, the designer, has taken the production of the scrunchie to a personal level. She tried other scrunchies that pulled and caused breakage to her hair. She wanted to create a superior product. And she absolutely achieved it! As previously mentioned, the Kayleigh-May scrunchies are made with Mulberry Silk. Mulberry Silk is smoother and stronger than any other silk in the world.

The Mulberry silk provided a smooth finish to her scrunchies. It enabled natural hair movement which resulted in less breakage. There were fewer natural healthy oils removed from her locks. And even more, it locked in hydration. Her intention to grow out her hair was now successful.  She wanted other men and women to be able to also achieve their hair goals while looking very fashionable.

IMG 1074

The scrunchies come in different sizes.  The Vicki is pink and bigger in size than the Leaah-Mary and the Marie Josée. They are all very pretty and strong.  It’s really sweet that the scrunchies are all named after a healthcare worker and their story is shared on the website.

I also tried the bamboo hairbrush. It’s entirely made with bamboo and soft wooden bristles. It feels amazing to brush my hair. It doesn’t make my hair frizzy and it feels gentle.  Plus, the brush comes with its own little linen bag for easy storage.

Besides having a superior product, I also like when a company makes a product based on their own personal experience.  It’s a beautiful, soft, fashionable scrunchie.