Who Knew Ordering Table Settings Online is a Thing

Angies TablesThis is one of those things that now that I’ve discovered it I really am wondering why didn’t I think of it prior. Simply enough, you can order an entire table setting set up online. Please note that’s the entirety of the concept but it’s a brilliant concept because trying to get stuff to match is one of the biggest frustrations of my existence.


Angie’s Tables sells collections of table products for basically every season. Now can someone explain to me why can’t they make more because I think I’m in love with this concept! They have the, “Cheerful Daffodils “ as you see in the photo, but they have other ones too. Collections for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Christmas.


But now, I’m addicted and I would love to have a table setting for every darn holiday there is.


See,this comes in the beautiful box and once everything is set up it’s gorgeous. It’s really a great gift idea for the mom who truly has everything. Pus, the linens are really good quality.


In addition, her site is definitely worth a lot because she has a blog which have some great insight on tablesetting that makes me really think a little bit more to it than I’ve been giving a credit all these years.


Check it out and tell me what you think.

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