Sensibo Pure – A Smart Air Cleaner

Sensibo Pure

I am falling more and more in love with how society is creating these smart home gadgets.

I find that it’s simply taking the most basic of functions and turning them into another level by adding even the most basic of intelligence.


An air cleaner is effectively a vacuum pushing your air through a filter. I’m sure there’s much more, but it’s a big high-tech tube. At the most basic, it’s a fan and a filter.

So what makes this reach a different level is the degree of intelligence within this device. Now, you can not only have it obviously run like a normal air cleaner, but you can have it analyze the room and determine how much to run and how often.


When the air quality needs an extra boost of love, it ramps up.  It even ties in with the outdoor air quality so it knows If the outdoor air quality means the allergens are terrible and it needs a little bit extra cleaning.


You could even take this so far as to have it watch when you leave home and run even louder when you’re not in certain rooms.


So yes, I’m bragging about the intelligence but admittedly, the unit itself looks absolutely gorgeous. It is something that you can keep in our room and does not look like a hospital monstrosity but that looks like it fits the room. Now I’m curious about all of their products.


Sensibo ScreenshotThat’s the problem with these new kinds of smart devices. They’re simple to use and easy to set up and then get you addicted and wanting more.


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