Why Is Deodorant Locked Up?

cvs deoderant

Why is deodorant locked up?

I was just in the CVS in Midtown Manhattan, and to be honest, I am left with hundreds of more questions than answers.

You see, here I was in the happy deodorant section. I was late for a meeting and unfortunately forgot my deodorant. It happens to the best of us, so here I was in Midtown Manhattan, unfortunately, buying deodorant.

However, if you zoom in on the shot, you will notice that there was shockingly a protective cover over the deodorant. I actually left the CVS because I kind of felt awkward about waiting for the worker to approve of my deodorant. So, I went into two more drugstores, and lo and behold, the deodorant was locked up there too.

Yes, of course, it left me with hundreds of more questions than answers.

First of all, is deodorant that expensive? Is it truly the asset in the pharmacy which needs the most protection?

Secondly, if there is such a high demand for deodorant, is this something that we really want to discourage? Maybe we should be encouraged? It just feels like if someone is so in need of deodorant, who am I to stop them from reducing their smells? Maybe we should even put a counter out front with a simple one-dollar deodorant for the taking that is for anyone in such need.

I am frankly confused and would love to know the real reason why deodorant is locked up in pharmacies in Manhattan. Do you know, so I can write a follow-up story, or is this one of the great mysteries of life? Why is deodorant so valuable?!?