Best Desserts in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is known for its delicious southern cuisine, but did you know that the city also boasts some of the best desserts in the country? From traditional southern treats to innovative and unique sweets, Nashville has it all. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you won’t want to miss out on the amazing dessert scene in Music City. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best desserts that Nashville has to offer. Get ready to indulge in some mouthwatering treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Well, we asked our guest blogger and local expert, Ella K Sol, to write her favorite places for dessert in Nashville!  Whether you like ice cream, sweets, or chocolate, our article will have you getting the best dessert here in town.

I admittedly have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and have spent many years cultivating a handful of my favorite go-to’s!!” Says Ella

1. Jeni’s Ice Cream

Jenni’s ice cream in the 12 South neighborhood brings gourmet to the ice cream scene. Their outrageous flavors and laid-back atmosphere are what make it a Nashville staple and an after-work obsession for me! Brambleberry Crisp!!! YUMMMMMMMM!

2. L&L Market – Gracie’s Milkshake Bar

This place has the biggest milkshakes I’ve ever laid eyes on! Not only are they delicious but picture perfect too, you’re definitely gonna want a photo op with this food masterpiece. Last time I tried The Fuego! Spicy Chocolate milkshake rolled in coco puffs and topped with sprinkles, ghost pepper salt, mini donuts, and maraschino cherries! Now, I consider myself a professional milkshake drinker but even I couldn’t finish one of these by myself. Definitely meant to share with a friend!

3. Sweet CeCe’s

Sweet Cece’s has a handful of locations in the Nashville area. It is the place to go if you’re a “toppings connoisseur.” In non-Covid times, this was my favorite place to mix and match with a hint of everything, including flavors. Points for being healthy too, go froyo!

4. The Cupcake Collection

So, I know this sounds crazy, but it IS possible to have too much icing with your cupcake. It is a very fine balance to have the perfect amount of cake and icing in every bite! One of my best “special treat” locations is the Cupcake Collection. They have mastered the perfect cupcake bite!!! I have never been there when there wasn’t a line out their door and down the sidewalk. My favorite, hands down, is their strawberry cupcake, but the red velvet is a VERY close second!!

5. The Loveless Café

OK, so not only is this place an iconic Nashville “must-visit” every time you visit, this place has the best pie I’ve ever tasted!! It feels like walking into a cozy cabin and smells like you’re in your grandma’s kitchen licking the bowl from something delicious she has just popped in the oven. I love to run in for a few slices to go after driving down The Natchez Trace. The fudge pie and the chess pie are an out-of-this-world experience! No sharing required!!
Check out the Loveless Cafe.

6. Krispy Kreme Donuts

This place also has several Nashville locations and is my favorite Sunday morning treat. BUT I gotta say, when you see that “Hot” light on you have to stop no matter what time of day it is!! Of course, everyone knows how melt-in-your-mouth the original glazed are but they have a ton of other amazing flavors, especially the jelly and lemon-filled glazed! Krispy Kremes and huge glass of milk and I am set for the day! I know where I’m going this weekend!

7. La Michoacana Premium

My dad and I love this place! The ice cream here is so rich, it makes every bite worth it. And it also specializes in paletas!! Popsicles! Oh my goodness! The churro, horchata and pay de limon are my favorites. We love to run in on a hot summer day to get a quick ice-cold treat…and of course, some for later! It’s a fabulous hidden gem and a must-find when visiting Nashville!

8. Elliston Place Soda Shop

This place is a one-of-a-kind and has also been a Nashville staple for over 80 years!! It is exactly the way you picture an old-timey soda shop, complete with root beer floats, egg creams, milkshakes, and a Banana Split that is unrivaled! Anything ice cream is right up my alley! Can you tell???

9. Baked on 8th

I have two words for you – GALAXY BROWNIE!!! Run, don’t walk!! Baked on 8th is an amazing little bakery near downtown specializing in ALL things sweet!! My kind of place! Whatever your pastry craving is, this place can help satisfy it!! It’s best to get a whole assortment of things and spend the evening sharing it with friends!!

10. Arnold’s Country Kitchen

This is the best meat + three in Nashville, and family owned for over 30 years! BUT meat + three aside, since this is about SWEETS, I like to go JUST for the Banana Pudding!!!! Nobody does it better!!! Oh, and the chocolate chess pie! There is no word delicious enough to describe! Mmmmmmmmmm! Happy eating!!

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