Changing your babies diaper in this fast-paced world we live in is challenge enough; worrying if the baby is secure on the changing table (which I always worried about personally) is now a thought of the past!  Where has Wiggletot been my entire mommy life?!?  This product is both innovative and ingenious! Created by a fellow mommy who strived to find an easier and more “peaceful” way to change her baby.  Here is the deal; a velcro detachable vest with fun/entertaining soft toys attached.  You comfortably secure your baby into the vest and change their diaper easy 1-2-3.  No more mess, awkward rolling, struggling and certainly no more unhappy baby!  What a great idea!  Wiggletot is a great baby shower gift; it retails for $39.99 making it very affordable!  The vest is appropriate for a 16-28 pound baby making it a purchase that will grow with you for a while.  It is perfect for a baby around 5-6 months to start.  Also; I want to mention it meets the CPSC Standard For Flammability Of Clothing & Textiles under The Flammable Fabrics Act.  It is very easy to install over your changing pad so no worries there.  Please visit https://www.wiggletot.com/ for more information and to purchase this wonderful baby product!  Finally, a baby product that makes life easier and I will certainly take it!  wiggletot wiggletot 2