Changing your babies diaper in this fast-paced world we live in is challenge enough; worrying if the baby is secure on the changing table (which I always worried about personally) is now a thought of the past!  Where has Wiggletot been my entire mommy life?!?  This product is both innovative and ingenious! Created by a fellow mommy who strived to find an easier and more “peaceful” way to change her baby.  Here is the deal; a velcro detachable vest with fun/entertaining soft toys attached.  You comfortably secure your baby into the vest and change their diaper easy 1-2-3.  No more mess, awkward rolling, struggling and certainly no more unhappy baby!  What a great idea!  Wiggletot is a great baby shower gift; it retails for $39.99 making it very affordable!  The vest is appropriate for a 16-28 pound baby making it a purchase that will grow with you for a while.  It is perfect for a baby around 5-6 months to start.  Also; I want to mention it meets the CPSC Standard For Flammability Of Clothing & Textiles under The Flammable Fabrics Act.  It is very easy to install over your changing pad so no worries there.  Please visit https://www.wiggletot.com/ for more information and to purchase this wonderful baby product!  Finally, a baby product that makes life easier and I will certainly take it!  wiggletot wiggletot 2

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  1. This is sounds like something I could have used; might consider it for baby shower gifts. My biggest issue was always public changing stations, but this seems like it would make the baby feel more comfortable. Does it wash well?

  2. I have heard my mom telling tales of when I fell from a public changing table. I bet if she had this I would have been much safer. Cute, secure and effective, definitely something I will for a friend’s baby shower.

  3. Every busy mother needs this to keep their child safe while being changed, especially in public change rooms.

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