Build A Bear Workshop: Easter Gifts

I am about to do you the biggest favor and fill your kiddies Easter Baskets in 5 seconds flat!  The wonderfully creative people at Build A Bear Workshop are bringing you absolutely adorable stuffed animal friends and fun games galore and I am so psyched that my kids will be joining in on the fun!
“Sweet Stripes Bunny” is a cute white plush bunny about 17 inches long wearing a bold pastel dress with sequins bow and shoes! Her ears are rainbow striped and she is sure to be a huge hit with your little lady!  “Sweet Spring Color Burst Bunny” is super stylin’ and ready for anything in her denim jacket, 2 piece skirt outfit, floral bow and chambray sandals!  She is festively colored blue with pastel color bursts!  For the little man in your life, comes “Smiley Jumpin’ Jack Rabbit”complete with bold checkered button down shirt, khaki pants and high-top sneakers!  So many great plush Easter options both with and without clothes.  Without clothes will retail for around $20.o0 while with clothes run around $40-$58.00.

The next item we are thrilled to have tried out are Build A Bear’s fantastic “Hide And Go Beep” mini plush animals!  These are by far the most adorable stuffed animal meets scavenger hunt game I have seen in years!  I simply cannot wait to play with these on Easter morning!  They come in an array of animal options: cute bunnies and chicks in great colors!  They come complete with sound and its super easy to start the game by squeezing the chick/bunny to beep and initiate the start.  Hide your new friend and once it is found you can squeeze it again!  These are going in the front of both our baskets and will surely be the hit of the morning!  These retail for $8.00 which means this is guilt free shopping for your basket(s)!!

There are so many wonderful deals by visiting  By using online code “SPRINGFRIENDSUS” you can score two furry friends (without outfits) for $35.00.  The company also offers free shipping on a purchase of $40.00 or more.  Make sure you grab your Easter goodies right away in time for upcoming spring holiday!

BAB Sweet Stripes BAB Jack BAB Hidealong 1 BAB hidealong 2

5 Comments on “Build A Bear Workshop: Easter Gifts”

  1. This is the perfect gift for my niece. When I was young, we didn’t have any suitable build-a-bears to celebrate the Easter holiday. What a terrific idea to bring some fun and maybe a valuable lesson or two about the real meaning of Easter.

  2. Unique idea, loving this combination for Easter activities and kids toys. This is definitely a winner. My church is often looking for ways to bring kids to church and I think this would be great.

  3. Don’t forget you can also dress them up with your kid’s favorite baseball team’s gear– or any other sport for that matter.

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