Wilburton Inn Is About Family

Wilburton Inn 2

The story of the Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont begins well over 80 years ago. At this time, a young Jewish man living in Greece learned to hide from the Nazis by pretending to be a Christian. He had already learned how to “play hide and seek “ on another level.

Fast forward to about 30 years ago, his 50th birthday, and he’s visiting Vermont with his lovely wife and kids, having dinner. The maître d’ mentioned that the hotel was for sale, and he decided to buy it on the spot. He purchased it more so for his ongoing legacy.

Fast forward another decade, and a kids music artist named Moey is full of energy and not only wrote a song or two, but we found emails in our box talking about her from a decade later. Our paths have crossed a few times. She recorded the song Princess Pokey which still has many Spotify listeners.

Wilburton Inn

Lastly, add the town of Manchester, Vermont, to this soup of a story. This charming town reflects the standing of time when you golf and drink afternoon tea and certainly wear your Sunday best. That said, we adored the town, and we can’t wait to return.

But either way, I digress. Now you need to take these three elements and put them together. The father is all about the love of his family legacy and keeping the family together. The daughter and children are focused equally on family and the love of family. And lastly, the town with all of its wonderful shops and activities.

That’s the Wilburton Inn—a dirty dancing-style location with all kinds of activities that expertly combine all these elements. It is, of course, family-run. They rent for weddings, and reunions are rented en masse. Do you want to rent a mansion for uncles and aunts or 30 relatives? No problem! Maybe you want to rent something for 100 people and have the dogs come. They are dog lovers!

The goal is family and keeping that family together. It started during World War II and continues until today.