Wildest High Heels I found on Amazon

I have no idea what inspired me to look for wild high heels on Amazon but it seems that it’s a thing.  I also have no idea what event I could wear these wild high heels to, but it’s good to know they exist.

My secondary issue is that I have high concerns that if I wore wild high heels like this, would I be able to show up to the CVS?

Lastly, I’m left wondering how comfortable these could possible be?



  1. These pink numbers are probably not the best thing to wear in the winter. Also, wouldn’t they make me like a foot taller?






2.Have you ever wanted heels with a spine in the heel? I mean it makes sense of course






3. I cannot tell if these are the sexiest, wildest or craziest heels that I’ve ever seen.





4. This fascinates me.  Do people really wear heels like this?





5. Okay, now you’re more in my style. Sneakers that make me ten feet taller






6. Of course Dr. Suess has to go under this list.  But if my daughter’s kindergarten teacher wore this, I’d be a bit concerned… and impressed.







What do you think? Would you wear wild heels like this? What’s the craziest set of heels that you’ve ever seen?