Wondercide Flea & Tick

Wondercide is a line of natural and extremely effective products to protect your beloved pets, and even your family.  Flea and tick, insect, and pest control is an issue that plagues all pet and home owners, and there are a lot of unsafe and unhealthy products on the market.  Wondercide is made with naturally derived ingredients and no harsh chemicals.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are some of the main ingredients, but also provide the pleasant scents to choose from including peppermint, rosemary, cedar, and lemongrass. They have products for pets, indoor and outdoor/yard, and family.  Their family line includes insect repellent sprays, wipes, and even geranium and citronella soap.  Their product line for pets includes not just sprays, but wipes, shampoo, skin care, and ear care, so you can cover them from pests from head to tail. 

Wondercide has products that span from products to directly put on your cat or dog to products to products for yard and home.  There are options for Wondercide products for the yard to help treat for fleas, tics, mosquitos, ants, and more.  I like that the products are not only safe for around kids, but also are safe and won’t harm bees or butterflies.  For indoor options, they have safe sprays for ant, roach, spiders, flea, and other bugs that can get into the home.  Being able to treat and prevent bugs inside without worrying about chemicals, harsh smells, and if they will negatively impact my kids and pets is a load off my mind.  You can order individual products to suit your needs, trial size boxes, or bundle and save.  The Flea and Tick Spray Scent Sampler is a great place to start and comes in a convenient box to order for yourself or as a gift.  Check out the sampler and more at https://www.wondercide.com/.