Wildkin: Fashionable Function for Kids

School is starting all across the country, and with most opting to start the school year online, it is uncharted territory for kids and parents alike.  So how can parents create some semblance of normalcy for kids while supporting their individuality?  It’s Wildkin to the rescue!  Wildkin has gear for all aspects of life for kids: furniture, bedding, room deco, travel, and school gear.  With different styles to match any favorites and interests, Wildkin is a fashionable way to accessorize for all kids.

Wildkin’s school gear line is perfect for not only bringing some excitement around the new school year, but helping your child stay organized and as much on a routine as possible.  For parents that are finding themselves homeschooling now that schools are starting online, it is very stressful!  Not only do you have to be parent, but now you are teacher as well.  Wildkin has the supplies you need to help make sure you can set your child up for success.  From three piece organizers, pencil cases, water bottles, and messenger bags, Wildkin’s matching lines help make even doing school from home fun.

Wildkin’s school gear is made from water resistant materials that are phthalate free, PVC free, and BPA free.  The quality of the products are impressive and durable, so it can last even more than one school year.  They have backpacks for all ages, from preschool on up.  The shoulder straps are padded for comfort.  There is a strap with clip to easily attach your child’s Wildkin lunchbox.  There are different styles and sizes for the lunchboxes as well, so no matter how many snacks your kid eats, they will have room.

One thing to help the younger kids stay on a routine is to make sure they have nap time like they would at pre-school and possibly Kindergarten.  Having a matching nap mat helps promote this, and they roll up easily with a carry handle for easy transport.  Wildkin’s nap mats are very well made and cushioned just right to make getting your kid to take a nap a breeze.

Wildkin’s adorable styles include designs from Trains, Planes, and Trucks to Magical Unicorns, to Mermaids, and Jurassic Giants.  There are styles to match any child and their favorite interests.  Between Wildkin’s variety of styles to choose from, durability, quality, and designs, it is the perfect choice for any gear for your child.  Wildkin products can be found in popular retailers including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon, or ordered directly from the company’s website https://wildkin.com/.