Little GF Chefs for Kids Bakes Up a Win

Everyone loves the smell of fresh baked goods fresh from the oven.  For some kids, that smell is the tease of what the cannot eat because of allergies or food sensitivities.  Not being able to partake in chowing down with family and friends is hard and can affect self confidence, and create anxiety around food.  Thankfully, a parent who understands that struggle first hand with her own kids has come up with a delectable solution for all kitchens and tummies.  Little GF Chefs is a subscription kit that is gluten free, artificial dye free, and allergen free from the most common 8 food allergens.  Their recipes are also vegan friendly, and they can substitute ingredients for any vegan needs.  They also give suggestions and guidance about substitutions and modifications for the recipes to suit any dietary needs.

The Little GF Chefs kits come with all the dry ingredients, decorating ingredients, and a baking tool for the selected recipe.  The boxes can either be ordered as a one time purchase, or as a subscription for anywhere between 1-12 months.  What’s nice about that is it an be a regular treat, or given as a gift for a family member or friend, or you can order extra of a certain recipe if you need more for a special occasion.  There is a new recipe added each month, and all the older recipes are still available for purchase on the website as well.  The kits are very reasonably priced and easy to order.

My 4 year old and I decided to try our hand at the Rainbow Pop Tarts.  I am not a baker, so I was a bit nervous about how well we would be able to do the recipe, but it was surprisingly easy!  The recipe card was easy to follow and broke down everything in small steps.  My daughter was very excited to be able to bake, and was able to help every step of the way, asking questions about the ingredients and steps.  With everything pre-packaged, it was nice to not have to worry about having perfect measurements, and with all the dry ingredients included we did not need to hunt around the pantry for added ingredients.  All we needed was milk (type of our choice), butter (of our choice), jelly (of our choice), and vanilla extract.

The recipe was a fun and creative break from typical recipes like chocolate chip cookies.  I really enjoyed learning how simple it was to create the marble-look in the dough.  The pop tarts came out delicious, but the literal icing on the pop tarts added an extra special touch.  She did not even know how healthy the recipe was, with plant based dye powder and gluten and allergy free ingredients.  I have always shied away from gluten free desserts because I had some not so tasty ones in the past.  Little GF Chefs has changed my mind in thinking that gluten free can’t taste as good as the original!

My daughter loved being able to make something from scratch and spend some time with me, and I melted like the butter as she kept saying how much fun she was having and how she loved baking with me!  Little GF Chefs is a fantastic idea for an easy and fun way to enjoy some time doing something creative and making memories with your kid(s), while supporting healthy food connections.  The current recipe options include soft pretzel bites, s’mores, and cookie dough hearts just to name a few.  I am looking forward to trying the dinosaur gummies kit next!  Check out these and more options for your family at