Win $100 worth of organic Black Seed Oil Capsules


Prevention is better than cure. And if there is something that we learned in the recent pandemic, it’s that health should be our number one priority.

Meet your new health partner, Blk Seed – organic black seed oil capsules that contain an active ingredient called Thymoquinone (TQ). 🌿Did you know that the black seed or Nigella sativa (N. sativa) is one of the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines? Its numerous therapeutic applications include the following:

*general health

*digestion and gut health

*hair and skin support

*immunity support

*inflammation support

*allergy support

Just take two capsules a day and you’re good to go.


$100 worth of organic Black Seed Oil Capsules


End Date: June 30, 2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

All contests are subject to our rules located here.

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