Win a Hostage Tape Bundle

hostage tape

Hostage Tape is the strongest, most comfortable mouth tape on the market. It works by lightly and comfortably taping your lips together for sole nasal breathing. Providing flexible comfort and a firm hold, Hostage Tape was carefully designed to stay put all night without leaving a sticky residue when removed. The medical grade, hypoallergenic tape is made with flexible and breathable woven fabric for ultimate comfort.

Hostage Tape is a comfortable and easy solution to improve sleep, decrease snoring and enjoy all the health benefits of sleeping well. Sleep studies have shown that keeping your mouth shut while sleeping can help reduce or eliminate snoring, increase oxygen uptake and circulation, and decrease stress and anxiety.

The company recently launched the most badass extra-strength nose strips to help stop snoring, sleep better, and breathe better – whether at the gym or in bed!


Win a Hostage Tape Bundle

3-month supply of Hostage Tape
Hostage Tin
1-month supply of our new nose strips

End Date: June 30, 2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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