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EVERYTHING BUT THE RAZOR – Featuring a complete collection of Patrol Grooming’s American-made, dermatologist-approved, nationally acclaimed premium grooming products, this attractively packaged gift set contains everything a man needs for the ultimate grooming regimen – instructional handbook included!

Since 1991, Patrol Grooming has been helping men present their best selves – now, experience everything our bestselling American-made products have to offer in this handy, giftable carrying case! This kit includes a full range of products for perfecting your beard care, skin care, and shaving routines! In this set, you’ll receive: Bump Patrol: Say goodbye to razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs!

1x Bump Patrol Pre-Shave Oil – Our shave oil fights irritation while lubricating the skin and providing an even surface to shave over. It also softens hair and leaves it easier to remove.

1x Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel – A lightly mentholated formula provides a rich lather that sharpens your shave and will leave you feeling refreshed – no matter where you’re shaving!

2x Aftershave Treatments – Bump Patrol’s famous Original and Maximum Aftershave treatments absorb quickly and eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs – see results as soon as your first shave! Skin Patrol: Your skin will thank you!

2x Skin Patrol Bar Soaps – Not just any bar soap! First is a Shea and Himalayan Salt bar with a fresh lemongrass scent. This soap is gentle on your skin’s PH balance and will leave it soft and hydrated. Our next bar soap features activated charcoal to clean away even the toughest grime and is blended with Oud – an exotic woody fragrance you’ll love!

1x Skin Patrol Face Wash – Protects the sensitive skin on your face while exfoliating and deeply cleansing pores.

1x Skin Patrol Face Moisturizer – Skin Patrol’s moisturizer is non-greasy and packed with natural vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best. Beard Patrol: Leave your beard feeling like a million bucks!

1x Beard Patrol Beard Wash – Our beard wash cleanses and conditions your beard without stripping away natural oils that are key to a healthy, itch-free beard.

1x Beard Patrol Beard Balm – Contains cocoa butter and argan oil to help keep your beard moisturized and shaped all day!

1x Beard Patrol Beard Oil – Stop split ends and give your beard the shine it deserves with our beard oil

ALL PRODUCTS CONTAIN NO – Sulfates, Silicones, Petrolatum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Phthalates, PEGs, and Animal Ingredients. Not tested on animals. Color Safe.


Patrol Grooming – All-in-One Kit  $110.00

End Date: June 30, 2023

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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