Wondersip Your Way To A Better Environment!

I love doing my part to help with less plastic and less garbage!  We use a lot of reusable cups/tumblers/bottles here.  We take them to work, school, sports, dance – you name it!  I have literally cut the spending/purchasing of cases of bottled water in half and I am proud!

The reusable straws; they kind of creep me out.  Especially during a pandemic how do we keep these reusable straws clean and disinfected?!? The solution my friends is Wondersip!  This is the world’s first one-click open reusable straw.  When you are cleaning the straw you literally click the straw WIDE OPEN and clean thoroughly; soap, water sing Happy Birthday whatever floats your boat.  Then snap it back closed and you are good to use again with zero worries!  Side note – the shopping choices are awesome; you can get a 2 pack of regular sized straws for $10.99, a jumbo pack of straws for $11.99 (great for smoothies), a standard/jumbo pack for $11.99 and my personal favorite: the junior/cocktail set for $9.99.  People – this means one for your child and one for your 5:00 cocktail.  These are BPA Free, FDA approved, dishwasher safe and totally recyclable.

Check it them out for the summer!