“BLnd”d by Spices!

The weather is beautiful and that means BBQ time for this house!  As we merge into the phase of seeing some friends for “yard only” gatherings I am on the hunt for some fun new recipes for the grill.  Marinades, spices and rubs are now my new jam.  I am loving Kitchen Crafted BLnd seasonings and spices as my new front of the spice cabinet choice.  So many different options for the different meats and veggies you are preparing.  These are high quality/standard products; no chemicals, nothing made in a lab, nothing you cannot pronounce and no fillers/preservatives.  These flavors and combinations come from inspiration across the globe and you will for sure love each one!

The first one we tried was the Kansas City Smoker BBQ Rub.  Legit the ingredients are brown sugar, spices, chilies, garlic, salt and onion.  It worked out amazing on chicken and I am definitely adding to my chili recipe next time I make it!  Their Ride Em Gaucho chimichurri seasoning is great for burgers, steaks and chicken – but the company’s suggestion of of using it on pizza intrigued me so I did for our “pizza friday” and I LOVED it!  Just a delicious combination of spices!  (This one is my current fave).  We also tried Bayou Catch on our shrimp skewers this week.  I was looking for something different and boy did I get that.  So perfect; from the flavor to the light “heat” it just did not disappoint.  This one will be great for vegetables as well.  Tomorrow’s menu includes chicken and citrus kebabs complete with Fire N’ Lime Sriracha Lime Spice.  I literally cannot wait to try it!

Check them out; very affordable (a 2 pk is around $10) and there are more flavors as well! I love the quality, the flavors and the fact that each of our meals will now include global inspired blends!  Grab these up now so you are ready for summer bbq’s and Father’s Day!