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Always taking care of the kids; I gotta start taking care of me. My brows are flat and misshapen and my lips are dry and cracked.  I laugh because I guess I am getting old.  I was asked to try out great products from Wunder2 and I actually feel like I am on my way to a more manicured me!  First, I tried out Wunderbrow which is basically a fiber gel that makes my eyebrows look full all day long!  Honestly, the whole process took me two minutes: you simply fill in all spots where hair is “sparse” in big, light strokes.  You can also go over the entire brow (which I did).  Then you groom your look with the applicator.  Their “Permafix Gel Technology” and “Hair Fiber Complex” kept my brow straight for more than a day!  I used the “blonde”; but they come in “auburn”, “brunette” and “black/brown”.

Ok, now the company’s Wunderkiss might be the coolest product I have ever tested.  No need for expensive Botox and lip enhancing procedures with this gloss!  Also super easy to apply: I am so not a makeup “procedure” girl and I had this done in a little over a minute.  First you prep your gloss by moving the wand up and down for a few seconds.  Insert the end of the booster applicator into the gloss to the desired level; I went with “1”  because I was scared (LOL) and I loved the results!  I felt a little tingling and saw the right amount of plumpness for me.  So super easy and you can reapply during the day if you need!

Wunderbrow costs around $22.00 while Wunderkiss will run you $29.95.  The gloss is brand new to this summer so go ahead and grab it up!  Visit http://WUNDER2.com.

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